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Customer Programs 

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Point Rewards Program

  • 1 Reward Point = $1.00

  • No IRS Form 1099, no restrictions, no user fees!

  • Participants are free to choose the rewards they desire most- as well as decide to save their points for a substantial reward or spend them immediately!

  • Reward types include - cash, merchandise, gift certificates and card, travel, purchasing displays, employee spiffs, payment on account, and much more!

  • Points are accrued based on your purchases and delivery schedules!

  • Points are maintained under your store name, in an automated database!

  • Points NEVER expire and can be rolled over at the end of a calendar year!

  • Program is extremely adaptable, easily adjusting to align and realign as your company's needs and program objectives change!

  • Point Rewards participants voluntarily enter into the program!

  • Points are visible to you because they appear on your NRF invoices!

  • Over 1,000 active participants and continuously growing!

  • Managed by a very knowledgeable and experienced Program Coordinator!

What are the eligibility requirements?

This program is available to flooring retailers who have an active account established with NRF.


How do I accrue points?

You may earn points on ALL your products or you may select a limited number of products. Points will accrue based on your qualifying products the size or quantity of your orders, and the frequency of your deliveries.


How are points calculated?

Points are calculated by adding your "point value" and "sell price" for a product. Freight and taxes are not included. 1 Reward Point equals $1.00!


How do I redeem my points?

Once points are earned and paid for, they become immediately available to redeem by the store owner or authorized party with a quick phone call to NRF.


Do points expire?

No. Points do not expire and will remain in your active account with NRF until you decide to redeem them.


How do I know how many points I have?

You may call anytime to receive a real-time status. Based on your point total at the time, you may choose to redeem your points or you may continue building points to redeem later.


What are my reward choices?

Limitless! Redeem your points for the reward(s) of your choice.


How do points affect my business?

NRF does not currently issue you a 1099 for any point redemption transaction, but we do advise for you to always consult your accountant regarding points and their affects on your business.

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